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Here is the list of people that were involved in the project (in alphabetical order):

  • Selim Arsever: Logo design.
  • René Beuchat: Board design and first introduction in his Embedded System class.
  • Nicolas Boichat Linux port
  • Peter Bruehlmeier: Board routing.
  • Nicolas Cantale: Development.
  • Claudio Favi: Project management.
  • Paolo Ienne: Technical coordination.
  • Xavier Jimenez: Development.
  • Theo Kluter: Idea and support.
  • Jérôme Maye: Development.
  • Romain Rossier: Development and coffee service  :)
  • Eduardo Sanchez: Introduction to 1st year students in his Logic Design class.
  • Chantal Schneeberger: Administration and financial coordination.
  • And all students participating to the courses, laboratories and doing personal work.

And the list of financial support and industries donation:

  • EPFL FIFO fund: Financial support for the design and development of the board and laboratories preparations.
  • EPFL I&C: Financial support for the manufacturing of FPGA4U and toward a symbolic students price.
  • Altera Corporation: Donation of FPGA Cyclone II and Flash memories.
  • Cypress Semiconductor Corporation: Donation of FX2 USB microcontroller.

Many thanks to all of them!

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