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Extension boards

Rules: On this page, only a short description is provided, eventually with a picture. A specific page is available for each project with the details.

A number of extension boards are designed and made available to users. An evolving tcl file contain almost all the pins definitions for the FPGA4U extensions utilization.


Extension for 10 pins connector

Serial A/D on SPI

Photo of the serial A/D board

Extension for 20 pins connector

FPGA4U Mubus Extension

Extension for 20pins connector with Mubus connectors FPGA4U Mubus Extension (.pdf)

Mubus Extension on FPGA4U board
Mubus Extension, micro-match 20 pins and AMP 2.54mm

Camera extensions

Some camera extension for the 20 pins connector:

- 128 x 101 pixels, B/W, global reset : Cam9630_c

The document CMOS Image interface is used to present the design project associated with this interface. Thus the design is actually not fully available on this site as it is an actual exercise for students.

Extension for 20 pins connector with camera LM9630_c

Module Camera on FPGA4U

FPGA4U camera modules MT9V032

- 752 x 480 pixels, Color and B/W

Module Camera MT9V032 on FPGA4U

Extension for TOP 64 pins connectors

FPGA4U Extension Parallel

Extension for TOP 64 pins connectors with 7 x 10 pins connectors FPGA4uextpar (.pdf)

Extension 7 x 10 pins connectors

Look at the full page description FPGA4U Extension Parallel

FPGA4U Extension Parallel B

Extension for TOP 64 pins connectors with 7 x 10 pins connectors, 2 x 20 pins connectors and 2 x 4 pins i2c connectors FPGA4Uextpar_B (.pdf)

Connectors references

Look at the full page description FPGA4U Extension Parallel B.

Video/LCD Touch screen extensions for FPGA4U

An extension board has been designed by Joseph Tagg for Embedded Systems Courses. Full documentation is provided at Video_extension_for_FPGA4U. The board can be populated differently dependent on the final goal:

  • VGA connector and RGB D/A convertion
  • 2.5" QVGA 320x240 LCD
  • 3" QVGA 320x240 LCD and touche screen
  • MMC memory

Schematics: EXT_LCD_C (.pdf)

Instrumentation extensions

  • UB2 logic analyzer, and CAN, RS 232, i2c, Ethernet serial analyzer (in preparation, master project) (Schematics: EXT_TX2)

Navigation Module for FPGA4U

Extension board with a GPS receiver and an array or accelerometers/magnetometers (ENAC-TOPO project). Projects aiming to investigate various aspects of indoor/outdoor navigation, are on going. More information here.

Wireless Sensor Node Extension for FPGA4U

Small Wireless Sensor Node extension board based on an MSP430F5437 microcontroller and a CC1101 RF module, both from TI.

Wireless Sensor Node

Flash extension board for FPGA4U (FlashExt)

A board with up to 4 flash memory card (ONFI specifications)

Extension for BOTTOM 64 pins connectors

Processors extensions: FPGARM4U

  • ARM9 main processor board (master project)

Installation of GNU/Linux on the FPGARM4U

  • Complete instruction for installing GNU/Linux on the FPGARM4U.

Radio Frequency Analog/Digital Interface: FPGA4RF

  • Extension board with high speed DA & AD converter (Receive path working, transmit in preparation)
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