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Welcome to FPGA4U

The original FPGA4U board

FPGA4U is a USB-powered FPGA-based development board. It is small, it is handy, it is as easy to use as one can make it. But especially: it is powerful! Read more about us.

Warning: Please notice that this Wiki is under continuous development. You are encouraged to help improve it!



The FPGA4U daughter board for the DE0-nano
  • Tutorial: Learn to use the tools through a complete example.

FPGA4U DE0-nano Extension (2012-)

  • Extension Boards: A number of extension boards designed and made available to users.

FPGA4U (2006-2011)

  • FPGA4U board description, describing all the available components, their names, etc.

Course Labs

FPGA4U is being used as an educational platform in several courses. These classes have developed labs for FPGA4U tailored to their need. You'll find the completes list in our courses page.

External Links

Quartus II

Complete Quartus II documentation (PDF, 39 MB). Alternatively, the various sections are available separately. -- Unix and Linux installation (PDF). -- Quartus II EDA Support. -- Some examples of Quartus II projects. -- Some demonstrations on compilation, simulation, etc.

SOPC Builder

Nios II

Cyclone II

Quartus on ArchLinux

How to install Quartus development tools on ArchLinux OS.


Most of the funding for this project (partly in kind) comes from the following sources:

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See more in the credits page.

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