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Module Name

To do



This file is free to be copied and used by anyone

No guarantee is provide to its reliability


Register's mapping

xxx register's Mapping
Address Function Write Read
5 - - 0
6 - - 0
7 - - 0

Avalon Model

  • Use the Native Avalon slave implementation (Register mode)
    • 0 wait in write access
    • 1 wait in read access

Access to registers

As the access is done in Native mode, the :

  • IORD()
  • IOWR()

macro needs to be used in NIOS IDE. This was the preferred model until version 7.2 of Quartus/SOPC Builder.

If the design is implemented in Dynamic access, the IORD8(), IORD16() or IORD32() have to be used for reading and IOWR8(), IOWR16() or IOWR32() for writing. This access is recommended from version 8.0 of Quartus/SOPC Builder.

VHDL code

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