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You will learn here how to load a system into the Flash memory of the FPGA (like the ones already running: snake, game of life, etc).

  1. To be able to add the EPCS controller, you need to add the description files of the FPGA4U in your component path.
  2. You have to add the correct hardware to your existing system with SOPC Builder: Memory -> EPCS Serial Flash Controller. Don't forget to auto-assign the base addresses

  3. Epcs sopcB.jpg

  4. Generate the new hardware, compile with Quartus and program the board
  5. Build the Nios II IDE project
  6. Launch the flash programmer: Tools -> Flash Programmer

  7. Flashprog.jpg

  8. Double-click on the flash programmer on the left frame. Uncheck all boxes except for the second one: "Program FPGA configuration...". Choose the architecture you want to load (it must be a *.sof file; you can use the ones in the demos section).

  9. Flashprog2.jpg

  10. Apply and program
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