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Board description

The goal of the project ARM and FPGA is basically to design a hardware that allows to interconnect an ARM9 processor with a FPGA and to let them communicate and work together. Due to this reason the name of the final hardware became FPGARM4U. The FPGARM4U is used for teaching activity about embedded system inside the Processor Architecture Laboratory (LAP) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

The project was entirely developped at LAP by Filippo Rusco during his master project in 2008.

The FPGARM4U board is mainly made of an 32-bit ARM926EJ-S processor inside the Atmel AT91SAM9263 chip. The card has many on board devices and peripherals such as 64 MBytes of SDRAM memory, a serial 8 MBytes DataFlash, an Ethernet controller, two USB host ports, one USB device port, a SDIO controller, a CAN controller, an I2C port, three 64-bit connectors to be used with extension boards.

FPGARM4U General Architecture
FPGARM4U Extension board Architecture

Processor <-> FPGA

FPGA4U can be connected on the top of FPGARM4U by the 64 pins connector.


Connector for FPGA4U connexion

Fpgarm4U Schematic files

The Fpgarm4U schematic files developed using the Altium Designer 6 (Protel) software are available here in PDF format.

Fpgarm4U PCB Layout files

The Fpgarm4U Printed Circuit Board layout files developed using the Altium Designer 6 (Protel) software are available here in the Gerber format, and in pdf for placement position here.


The datasheets of the Atmel AT91SAM9263 microcontroller and of the other components are available on the manufactured website, here is a link for each component used in the Fpgarm4U board.

Debug Environment

Install a debug environment by Yorick Brunet. This environment use Eclipse and serial line for code downloading.


- First draft by Filippo Rusco using Linux 2.6.24 and Debian Etch.

- Methodology of installing Linux by Yorick Brunet (based on the draft of Filippo Rusco) using Linux and Debian Etch.


Here some pictures of the FPGARM4U card.

Go Pictures...

FPGARMExt, extension board for FPGARM4U

FPGARM4UExt Schematics & Gerber Files for FPGARM4UExt extension board.

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