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The FlashExt is a board with up to 4 flash memory devices. They are divided in 2 channels with each 2 flash memories.

The chip enable (CEn#), ready/busy (R/Bn#) are available for each flash device.

IO, WE#, RE#, CLE, ALE can control each channel (so 2 devices at the same time).

The IO (data and address) are divided in two channels. Channel C1 is made of devices F1 and F2, channel C2 is made by devices F3 and F4.

Fx means Flash device X.

Cx means channel x.

Plug the board

Be careful when plug-in the FlashExt board on the FPGA4U. Since the 64 pins connector is symetrical, the board can be wrongly connected. The board must be connected as shown in the image bellow. The "LEDS" text must be on the LEDs. And as for any other extension board, make sure to set the default configuration of your FPGA to a design that is not using the LEDs to not damage the components of the extension board. A tutorial to do this can be found here

FlashExt board on an FPGU4U.


Schematics of the FlashExt

PDF with the placement of the components (for soldering)

Altium project

The altium project can be found in folder \\lapsrv1\distribution\_LAP\Projets\FlashExt\

Pin assignment

Port 64 Pin Table TOP view connector
Pin Num Name FPGA Pin FlashExt board
1 3.3V 3.3V
3 PIN_E19 CLK_to_Conn
5 PIN_G7 SWITCH0[0] CE4#_F2
7 PIN_F8 SWITCH0[2] CE3#_F2
9 PIN_E9 SWITCH0[4] CE2#_F2
11 PIN_G11 SWITCH0[6] CE1#_F2
13 Gnd Gnd
15 PIN_C21 LED[87] R/B1#_F2
17 PIN_D21 LED[85] R/B2#_F2
19 PIN_E21 LED[83] R/B3#_F2
21 PIN_F20 LED[81] R/B4#_F2
23 PIN_G17 LED[71] IO0_C1
25 PIN_H16 LED[69] IO1_C1
27 PIN_J19 LED[67] IO2_C1
29 PIN_K22 LED[65] IO3_C1
31 PIN_C1 LED[55] IO4_C1
33 PIN_D3 LED[53] IO5_C1
35 PIN_E3 LED[51] IO6_C1
37 PIN_F3 LED[49] IO7_C1
39 PIN_G6 LED[39] RE#_C1
41 PIN_H4 LED[37] CLE_C1
43 PIN_J2 LED[35] ALE_C1
45 PIN_R7 LED[33] WE#_C1
47 PIN_M19 LED[23] R/B4#_F1
49 PIN_N15 LED[21] R/B3#_F1
51 PIN_R22 LED[19] R/B2#_F1
53 PIN_R18 LED[17] R/B1#_F1
55 PIN_U22 LED[7] CE1#_F1
57 PIN_V22 LED[5] CE2#_F1
59 PIN_W22 LED[3] CE3#_F1
61 PIN_Y20 LED[1] CE4#_F1
63 Gnd Gnd
Pin Num Name FPGA Pin Video extension board
2 3.3V 3.3V
4 PIN_L22 CLK_from_top
6 PIN_H8 SWITCH0[1] R/B4#_F4
8 PIN_H9 SWITCH0[3] R/B3#_F4
10 PIN_F10 SWITCH0[5] R/B2#_F4
12 PIN_E11 SWITCH0[7] R/B1#_F4
14 Gnd Gnd
16 PIN_C19 LED[86] CE1#_F4
18 PIN_D19 LED[84] CE2#_F4
20 PIN_F22 LED[82] CE3#_F4
22 PIN_G21 LED[80] CE4#_F4
24 PIN_H18 LED[70] IO0_C2
26 PIN_J21 LED[68] IO1_C2
28 PIN_J17 LED[66] IO2_C2
30 PIN_K20 LED[64] IO3_C2
32 PIN_D1 LED[54] IO4_C2
34 PIN_E1 LED[52] IO5_C2
36 PIN_F1 LED[50] IO6_C2
38 PIN_G3 LED[48] IO7_C2
40 PIN_H2 LED[38] RE#_C2
42 PIN_H6 LED[36] WE#_C2
44 PIN_P3 LED[34] ALE_C2
46 PIN_T6 LED[32] CLE_C2
48 PIN_N22 LED[22] CE4#_F3
50 PIN_P17 LED[20] CE3#_F3
52 PIN_R20 LED[18] CE2#_F3
54 PIN_T22 LED[16] CE1#_F3
56 PIN_U20 LED[6] R/B1#_F3
58 PIN_V20 LED[4] R/B2#_F3
60 PIN_Y22 LED[2] R/B3#_F3
62 PIN_Y18 LED[0] R/B4#_F3
64 Gnd Gnd
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