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This page describes how to update the firmware on the FPGA4U. Note that this only concerns the regular FPGA4U and not any subsequent version such as the DE0.

Installing a new Firmware on your FPGA4U

If you have problem programming the FPGA4U or using USB for data transfers, you should check which firmware version you have and update it, if necessary. If you would like to develop your own firmware with custom features, we suggest you to visit this page.

On Windows

Information icon yellow.svg Since version, libusb-win32 supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Seven.

To be able to access the FPGA4U, its drivers need to be installed properly (i.e., you should not have the small yellow exclamation icon in the device manager). Instructions to install the drivers are there.

Now to be able to access the USB microcontroller, you should first install libusb-win32. You can get the installer of version directly here, or check for newer versions there.

Migration Tool contains an executable that will show you the current version of your firmware and update it with the firmware that is in its folder.

  • Move the desired firmware (i.e., the usbjtag.hex file) in the Migration Tool folder. You can get the last firmware here.
  • In the Migration Tool folder, double click on "load_firmware.bat".
  • A message will tell you which version of the firmware is currently on your board. For firmwares older than version 4.1.0, it will prompt some random characters (a single one for version 3 and later, and multiples for older versions).
  • Press enter if you want to update the firmware; otherwise, close the window or press Ctrl+C.
  • Unplug and replug the USB cable before using your board.

If you still have problems, check with the helpdesk.

On Linux

Download Vend_ax.hex and the latest firmware.

Then, connect the FPGA4U, and find the bus/device id (may only work as root):

# lsusb -d 09fb:
Bus 005 Device 033: ID 09fb:6001 Altera

Here, the bus/device id is 005/033. You can then flash the new firmware (replace the bus/device id with yours):

# fxload -D /dev/bus/usb/005/033 -t fx2 -s vend_ax.hex -c 0xC2 -I usbjtag.hex

Unplug and replug the FPGA4U, the new firmware should have been flashed.


  • What should I do when I get don't see a large enough EEPROM ?
    • The jumper has to be set (as usual) when you plug the board in.
  • What should I do when I cannot set the jumper when I plug the board in, because I modified the firmware, and it doesn't enumerate anymore ?
    • If the FX2 does not enumerate:
    1. Make sure your FPGA4U is unplugged
    2. Remove the jumper next to the USB connector
    3. Plug your FPGA4U (this will load the default firmware from Cypress)
    4. Put the jumper back
    5. Execute the fxload command or run the migration tool, it should work
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