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Now that you have created your hardware, you will use it and test it on the FPGA4U board.

  1. Begin with creating a new project (you can follow this tutorial)
  2. Create a new Block Diagram
  3. Double-click to insert a new symbol. In the "Project" folder on the left frame you should see your new hardware. Select and insert it in your block diagram

  4. Insertcpu.jpg

  5. Set inputs to your CPU.

  6. Inputs.jpg

  7. Set your block diagram as the top-level entity

  8. Toplevel.jpg

  9. Start analysis and correctly assign the pins

  10. Analyze.jpg


  11. After the assignment, your block diagram should appear like this:

  12. Result.jpg

  13. Compile the entire project and load it into the board (if necessary, look at this tutorial)

  14. Compile.jpg

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